Volume I: County Durham and Northumberland

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Present Location
Niche in wall of south aisle
Evidence for Discovery
Church Dedication
St Laurence
Present Condition
Broken but relatively unworn

Head, type B10.

A and C (broad): An attempt has been made to outline the faces with a double roll moulding in a picked technique, but on face A this peters out and on face C there has been difficulty in turning the corner. In the centre of each face is a flat cross-incised boss, surrounded by a roll moulding. The boss on face C is less well laid out.

B and D (narrow): Plain.


The head shape and the crude picked technique all argue for a late date. The linear cross on a circle is found on stones throughout the pre-Conquest period (see Warden 2).

First half of eleventh century
?Dixon 1887-8, 146

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