Volume 7: South West England

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Present Location
South-west corner of nave
Evidence for Discovery
Retrieved from village pond when drained, and placed in church c. 1870 on site of the 1663 font (pers. comm. Revd. Canon A. E. N. Molesworth, reported by Foster).
Church Dedication
St Andrew
Present Condition
Worn, part of rim renewed; mounted on a later shaft and base

Roughly shaped plain bowl formed from a single stone, and lead lined.


Appendix A item (stones dating from Saxo-Norman overlap period or of uncertain date).

Such simple fonts are difficult to date (see introduction p. 38) and this presents a similar problem to Shepton Mallet 2 (Ill. 373), which Allen considered was Anglo-Saxon (Allen 1907, 6). Bond did not list this font and Foster (1987, 68) considered it impossible to date. It is indeed difficult to place this in a firm dating context.

Late eleventh century(?)
Allen 1907, 6; Foster 1984, 54, no. 1, pl. 4a; Foster 1987, 68, 71, no. 1; Costen 1992a, 153

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